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X-Ray Technicians are trained to use X-Ray equipment for creating images of a patient’s internal anatomy. These images are used by doctors and specialists to aid in the diagnosis of illnesses and injuries. Under the X-Ray Technician Course, students are trained to a proficiency level wherein they are able to comply with the safety regulations involved in the use of X-Ray equipment while on the job. After getting equipped with the proper X-Ray Technician Training, students receive the X-Ray Technician Certification, which is recognized all over India.


A career as an X-Ray Technician is quite a versatile one and promises job stability, a lucrative future, and good salary prospects. Certified individuals start from the profession of Junior X-Ray Technicians, X-Ray Technicians, CT Scan Technicians, MRI Technicians, Senior X-Ray Technicians, Chief Technicians, Assistant Clinical Managers, Clinical Managers, and progress to the most senior position of Clinical Services Specialists.

A radiologic technologist has many options available to advance his career. Spending one to two years in his role as a radiologic technologist prior to a entering a special modality program will increase his chance of success. Time spent by the technologist in the radiographer role would also allow him to analyze his qualities. Technically sound radiologic technologists can choose to go the clinical director path.

Individuals who are management oriented and have the necessary educational background can choose the position of a Chief Radiologic Technologist or Director of Imagining. Please note that the technologist would need to spend at least 5years prior to taking on the role of a chief radiologic technologist.
A lot of people think becoming a radiologic technologist means their training is complete. In reality, this position offers you the ability to continue learning in the current role and well beyond. Imagine the education you would have if you took about 20 x-rays every day. Without being a doctor yourself, you could often times diagnose the patient’s problem!
Career advancement opportunities for radiologic technologists are many. In fact, these technologists can decide if they wish to continue in their current roles. Many technologists do this keeping in mind the knowledge and satisfaction the current role provides them with.

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