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The Dialysis Technician Course trains healthcare professionals in operating dialysis machines utilized for patients having kidney diseases. Kidney dialysis makes the difference between life and death for those who suffer from renal failure. These dialysis technicians are also responsible for maintaining the equipment used for dialysis, a process that cleanses the blood of metabolic waste products. Post Dialysis Technician Training, students receive the Dialysis Technician Certification and get easy placement opportunities across India


Dialysis technician is a career in big demand in the country today as well as other healthcare professionals. It has been said that this is due to the aging baby boom generation and the increase in population, so more and more people need health care in varying degrees. If you are interested to participate in the rapid growth of the healthcare industry as a dialysis technician, it will be in your best interest to know that it is one of the most sought-after jobs today, according to statistics. Also, more and more dialysis technician jobs are becoming more available as hospitals and other medical institutions expand their infrastructure to accommodate people with different healthcare needs.

The career of a Dialysis Technician is a promising one. As you become competent in this profession, you will be playing a more major role in the recovery of your patients. You start your career as a Junior Dialysis Technician and move on to becoming Dialysis Technician, Senior Dialysis Technician, and finally Chief Technician. Hence, the longer your stay in the profession, the more learning experiences will you have on the job.


We at EIES feel extremely privileged to provide the much needed skilled healthcare workforce to the industry. With more than 300 placement partners, we are one of the most preferred choices of top healthcare brands in India. With holistic healthcare services EIES is working with an array of placement partners including Hospitals, Ambulance Service Providers, Diagnostic Centres, Corporate, Nursing Homes, Aviation Companies etc. Our placement partners are an integral part of our training system and it is their invaluable feedbacks on curriculum that helps us improve our course structures as per industry requirements.

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